Voter Information


Raymond residents who are not already a registered voter, may register to vote:

1. At the Town Clerk's office up until the day before the Supervisors of the       Checklist meet before election day

2. With the Supervisors of the Checklist when they meet before election day

3. With the Supervisors of the Checklist at the polls on an election day. 


For information on voting and registering to vote, please refer to:

Town of Raymond 2020 BOS Proposed Budget CLICK HERE
2020 Budget Summaries - Proposed Appropriation Package for 2020
(November 4th, 2019) - This is a Draft Working Document and not a Final Product

2020 Warrant Articles -  DRAFT 11/4/19 
Open Elected Offices 

2020 Open Positions for Elected Offices & Incumbents

Two (2) Selectmen for 3-year terms 
George Plante
Jack S. Barnes, Jr.

One (1) Budget Committee Member for a 3-year term 
Richard Mulryan

One (1) Planning Board Member for a 1-year term 
John Beauvilliers

Two (2) Planning Board Members for 3-year terms 
Carl (Brad) Reed
Alissa Welch

Two (2) Ethics Committee Members for 3-year terms 
Joyce Wood
Susan Hilchey

One (1) Trustee of Trust Funds for a 3-year term 
Kevin Woods

One (1) Library Trustee for a 3-year term 
Sabrina Maltby

One (1) Supervisor of the Checklist for a 6-year term 
Aimee Hayes

One (1) Town Moderator for a 2-year term 
Wayne Welch

One (1) Treasurer for a 3-year term 
Edward French

One (1) Town Clerk for a 3-year term 
Sharon Walls

Annual Reports

What are "Deliberative Sessions"?
In NH some towns have traditional "Town & School District Meetings". Voters come on 1 day to discuss AND VOTE on all articles on a Town and or School District warrant. AND elect officials. If you do not come on that day, you do not get to vote. Period.
Other towns enacted what was called Senate Bill 2 (SB2). It divides "Town & School District Meetings" into two sessions. At Session 1 (commonly referred to as the "Deliberative Session"), voters discuss and debate articles. Numbers can be changed up or down, but the law restricts changing "the subject matter" of the article.
Amendments can also be made and voted on in this session with the following limitations: Warrant articles may be amended at the first session, subject to the following limitations:  

(a) Warrant articles whose wording is prescribed by law shall not be amended. 
(b) Warrant articles that are amended shall be placed on the official ballot for a final vote on the main motion, as amended. 
(c) No warrant article shall be amended to eliminate the subject matter of the article. An amendment that changes the dollar amount of an appropriation in a warrant article shall not be deemed to violate this subparagraph. (RSA 40:13)
Voters present will vote to place the article on the ballot. 
A few weeks later “Election Day” also known as “Session 2” Registered voters of a town then come (usually between 7am-7pm) to 1. Elect officials and 2. Vote on the separate warrant articles.
While School & Town have separate Deliberative Session days, all voting takes place on one day. You must either come to vote during the day or submit an absentee ballot. The meetings are run by the elected town or school "Moderator" who follow WAY too many rules to list here.
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