Raymond Community Television

Established by the Board of Selectmen in 1990, the committee's principal function is to develop and manage local cable television broadcast, act as an intermediary regarding contract compliance by the cable franchise operator, be a point of contact for public complaints and concerns, and train residents and organizations in the use of cable equipment for public access production. See RCTV's web site, https://www.raymondnh.gov/rctv


The committee is composed of 7 at large members, one selectman and one school board representative. At large members are appointed by the Selectmen for 3 year terms. In addition to the broadcast of local meetings, the committee's responsibilities are to recommend the overall philosophy and goals of local cable television, recommend long and short range plans for meeting goals established, recommend annual objectives for Raymond Cable Television, recommend procedures under which the committee will operate, and maintain an open mind in all of its work, making decisions which are in the best interest of the total community.


Board and Committee meetings for the town and school district as well as other public access programs are available at https://raymondtv.viebit.com/

Contact us at rctvnh@gmail.com or 682-5348

Visit our Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/RCTVNH/

RCTV Committee Members

Kathy Masso


David Washer

Vice Chair

Debra Moore


Art Wolinsky

Marc Vadeboncoeur


Kevin Woods

Dennis Garnham

Alternate - Open

 Alternate -  Open

George Plante

Board of Selectmen Representative

Chris Long

Board of Selectmen Alternate

Anthony Clements

School Board Representative

Kevin Woods

Cable Coordinator