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Public Works

Highway Division

Highway Division

The Highway Division is responsible for the repair and maintenance of the Town owned Class 5 roads, sidewalks, roadside vegetation management and associated drainage facilities. This totals 74 center line miles or 148 lane miles. This Division also administers construction and capital improvement projects and assists with traffic signage, pavement markings and parking management programs.  The Town of Raymond Highway Division takes great pride in its work

Who is responsible for the culvert under my driveway? 
Under RSA 236:13 VI, all private driveway connections, including structures like culverts, remain the continuing responsibility of the landowner, even if located in the right of way.  It is immaterial whether the driveway connection pre-dates the Town's permit system.  If any driveway connection threatens the integrity of the highway due to plugged culverts, erosion, siltation, etc., the Planning Board or its designee can require the owner to repair it.  If the owner refuses to effectuate such repairs, then the Town may perform the work and assess the costs to the owner.

Many times it is a blocked driveway culvert which causes a backup of material which then fills a drainage swale with water and ultimately solid material, so please check on your driveway culvert every once in a while to ensure it is functioning correctly.  It costs a lot less to maintain a working drainage swale than to revitalize one that has been backed up with debris.  While the responsibility is on the landowner to maintain and replace the culvert when necessary, Raymond Public Works is happy to provide guidance to residents in assessing their project.

A working driveway culvert is vital in the effort of getting water off the road, out of the road and away from the road!


Parks Division

Parks Division

The staff of the Parks Division work under the guidance and direction of the Public Works Director. This division provides all maintenance and improvements to the towns parks, fields and grounds. The surface area of all the green areas combined totals 22 acres; all of which must be limed, fertilized, seeded, aerated, mowed and raked.

These areas consist of the following:


  • Middle School Fields are located at the Iber Holmes Gove Middle School off Epping Street and include soccer and baseball fields; basketball and tennis courts. These fields are fully irrigated from an on site pump, which draws from the Lamprey River.

  • Welch Fields are located off of Route 107. Currently the fields are used for baseball, tee ball and football. These fields are fully irrigated from an on site well.

  • Cammett Fields are located off of Onway Lake Road. These fields consist of soccer and baseball. These fields are fully irrigated from a pump system on site, which draws from the Lamprey River. The irrigation systems for all the fields consists of 12,000 feet (2.3 miles) of irrigation piping, 183 irrigation heads and 3 pumps.

  • Riverside Park is located off of Sundeen Parkway. This 65 acre complex offers walking trails, horseshoe pits, a large multi purpose field and plenty of wild life. Also added were community gardens, overlooks to the river & center of town and a dog park. CLICK HERE to Learn more about Riverside Park

  • The Town Common located in the center of town ( Epping and Main Streets).

Town Cemeteries

Town Cemeteries

Flowers, lights, shepherd’s hooks, flags and all other adornments shall be placed and kept within 1-foot of the headstone. Where there is no headstone or where the headstone is flush with the ground surface, all adornments shall be placed in line with abutting headstones.

This will allow for efficient maintenance of the cemeteries and will provide for a better appearance overall.

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

For a full list of the Town’s policies regarding the cemeteries please see Cemetery Regulations  

This division provides maintenance to the town cemeteries consisting of mowing, raking, trimming, along with tree planting and access road maintenance.The division falls under the direction of the Public Works Director.

Anyone wishing to remove containers or flowers themselves must do so prior to spring or fall cleanup.

Questions about the cleanup should be addressed to the Public Works Department at  895-7036.

The town cemeteries that receive maintenance by this division are as follows:

  • Old Pine Grove Cemetery

  • New Pine Grove Cemetery

  • Bean Cemetery

  • Lane Road Cemetery

  • Ham Road Cemetery

  • Brown Road Cemetery

  • Lovering Cemetery

  • Prescott Road Cemetery

  • Batchelder Road Cemetery

  • Gile Road Cemetery

Trash and Recycling

Trash and Recycling 

Curbside Collection of Household Trash and Recyclables


On June 13, 2022 the Board of Selectmen voted to enter into a contract with Pinard Waste to offer residents a "subscription based" program for trash and recyclable collection that will start on July 1st.  This means that residents can contact Pinard directly to set up an account for their trash and recyclable collection needs.  Pinard is actively accepting Raymond residents!  For details on the program, click HERE, and for a direct link to the website to enroll in the program, click HERE.

Collection Days, Delays & Holidays


Pickup of household trash occurs on Tuesday through Friday.  Trash must be placed at the curb by 7:00 a.m. of your collection day.  If there is a Holiday during the week, then collection may be delayed one day for the remainder of that week.  Pinard Waste observes the following Holidays, resulting in a one-day delay in collection:

  • New Year's Day

  • Memorial Day

  • Independence Day

  • Labor Day

  • Thanksgiving Day

  • Christmas Day

*Always check the home page of the Town's website for the latest updates and changes in the schedule!

Pick up Schedule by Days of the week

Recyclables/Transfer Station

The Raymond Transfer Station is located at 104 Prescott Road and operated by Casella Waste Systems.  It is open Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and Saturday from 8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.  Any questions should be asked of the station directly at (603) 895-6273.  The Transfer Station will only accept recycling materials; it is not licensed for Household Trash.  A Transfer Station Resident Permit is required to dispose of your recyclables at the Transfer Station (see below).

A 5 year Transfer Station Operating Agreement was signed on January 31, 2020.  With the new contract is a new Price List. The new rates became effective February 1, 2020. The price list establishes two pricing categories.  One column of pricing for Raymond Residents and a separate column of pricing for Non-Residents.​​


Click HERE to see what recyclable items are accepted at the Transfer Station.

Click HERE to watch a brief informational video "Is Recycling Worth It Anymore?"

The Transfer Station Resident Permit Program


A Resident Permit can be obtained at the Town Hall office by mail or drop box.  Copies of the Permit Application Form will also be available in hard copy in the rack located in the foyer of the Town Office building.

Please note that you need the permit to:

   1. Receive the reduced pricing on construction debris

   2. Dispose of recyclables


Residents can use the Transfer station during any of the open hours above.   

Each Permit will be assigned to a vehicle registered in Raymond.  The Permit must be affixed to that vehicle windshield in order to become valid.

The Permit will cost $40.00 a year and will expire on the 31st of December each year and will be pro-rated for each month that has passed.


Permits are not for sale for time periods less than the remaining portion of the year at the time of sale.

Please download the Application, complete the Form, include the current Fee and mail it in or drop it off at the Town Offices  The Permit Application will be processed and the Permit mailed to you at the address provided.


Household Hazardous Waste Day

Household Hazardous Waste Day is an annual event held in either September or October.  It takes place at the end of Industrial Drive, which is off Old Manchester Road, just north of Exit 4 off Route 101.  The event is typically posted on the Town's website a few weeks before so you can find more details there or contact Stacey at the Public Works Department at (603) 895-7036.

Water Division

Water Division

NOTICE:  On August 17, 2023, the NH DES issued a "Proposed Prohibition on New Water Service Connections".  The Town will be refraining from approving any new water service connections until the existing violation has been corrected with the source water capacity.  Click HERE to read the entire document. 

Public Notice

Copies of the Raymond Water Department’s 2024 Consumer Confidence Report (CCR’s) available HERE.   In addition, copies may be requested by calling the Public Works Office at (603) 895-7050 or emailing:

To view past and current water testing results, visit the State's website ONESTOP and enter the DES Interest ID #1971010.

Town of Raymond 2016 Water Report

Service Connection Application WITH Current Fee Schedule

Water Quality Table

Weston & Sampson Water Storage Facilities Evaluation - Final Report 2020

Lakeview Rd Storm water Treatment Analysis - May 2018


Building Division

Building Division

This division is responsible for cleaning, repairing, and general upkeep of the town buildings (Safety Complex, Old Fire House, Town Office Building, Highway Garage & Maintenance Garage). This division falls under the direction of the Public Works Director.

Fleet Maintenance

Fleet Maintenance Division

This division has a very important function as it maintains all of the town's equipment such as the trucks, police cruisers, tractors, mowers, trailers, fire trucks, & sweeper to name but a few. The town owns approximately 65 pieces of rolling stock.

This division is also in charge of installing, repairing and replacing signs. The division fall under the direction of the Public Works Director.

DPW Contacts

Contact Info

Hours of Operation:

Monday - Friday

7:30 am to 4:00 pm

Stacey Grella, Director                                                      603-895-7035                 

Heather Brandin, Administrative Assistant                    603-895-7036              

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