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Capital Improvements Program Committee

Board Members

CIP About


The Capital Improvements Committee was first proposed by the 1998 Town Meeting to assist the Planning Board in preparing and amending "a recommended program of municipal capital improvement projects projected over a period of at least 6 years . . . The sole purpose and effect of the capital improvement's program shall be to aid the (Selectmen and School Board) and the Budget Committee in their consideration of the annual budget," RSA 674:5.


The committee is composed of the following representatives: 2 members of the Planning Board; 2 members of the Board of Selectmen; 2 members of the School Board; 2 members of the Budget Committee and 3 representatives of the community at large.


The Selectmen, School Board, Budget Committee and Conservation Commission shall designate members of their respective boards to serve on the Committee. The Planning Board shall designate their representatives in addition to nominating the three at-large members who shall be appointed by the Board of Selectmen. The Committee meets monthly on Tuesday evenings.


As noted in RSA 674:6, "the capital improvements program shall classify projects according to the urgency and need for realization and shall recommend a time sequence for their implementation . . . The program shall be based on information submitted by the departments and agencies of the municipality and shall take into account public facility needs indicated by the prospective development shown in the master plan."


When a plan has been developed, it is presented to the Board of Selectmen and School Board for approval and presented to the Planning Board for adoption. Capital improvements financing may be through current revenue, general obligation bonds, capital reserve funds, special revenue sources, such as user fees and impact fees.

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