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Volunteering in Raymond

Raymond is a community that relies heavily on its residents who serve on many boards and committees.  Some positions are elected by the voters on Election Day in March.  Some are appointed by the Board of Selectmen (our Governing body).  And some are Community based groups who work on specific annual events. Without this group of very dedicated and hard working volunteers, it would be difficult for Raymond to conduct much of its business and community activities.

Elected Offices

Each year on Election day in March, voters go to the polls to elect fellow residents to positions such as the Board of Selectmen, School Board, Budget Committee, Planning Board, Ethics Committee and others (see list below).  Most positions are for 3 year terms.  You may run for these offices by filing your intent to run during the January filing period (typically the last week in January leading up to the deliberative session) with the Town Clerk's Office, during regular business hours.  Each year there is at least one office available for each of these committees.

Board and Committee Appointments

Raymond has a variety of boards and committees that are appointed by the Select Board.  For appointed committees, applicants must attend three meetings of the board or committee and submit the application form below to the Town Manager's Office (  You will be contacted by the office to schedule a brief interview with the Board.  After that, you will be notified of your appointment status, and can begin serving if appointed at the next regular meeting of the committee or board to which you were appointed.

Most committees meet once per month, however some meet more frequently and it is always a good idea to check their schedule in advance to ensure you can make the meeting days and times that are part of the regular schedule.  If you are interested in viewing a meeting, most are televised on our local cable channel 22 and streamed on

Community Based Committees & Organizations

These committees and organizations, while not formally sanctioned by the Governing Body (Board of Selectmen) serve an extremely important role in our community. They focus on specific events and activities and provide the support and people power need to make them happen. Without them, Raymond would loose many of its popular events.  

Oath of Office

All Elected & Appointed volunteers are required to take this Oath of Office

Application to Join an Appointed Board or Committee

Applicants must attend three meetings of an appointed Board or Committee before applying

Appointed Boards & Committees                                Elected Boards & Committees

Conservation Commission                                                                 Board of Selectmen

Zoning Board of Adjustment                                                             Budget Committee

Capital Improvements Committee                                                   Supervisors of the Checklist

Cable Committee                                                                                  Trustees of the Trust Funds

Historic District Commission                                                            Ethics Committee

Planning Board (Alternates)                                                             Planning Board (regular members)

Cemetery Advisory Committee                                                         Raymond School Board

                                                                                                                         Cemetery Trustees

                                           Elected Positions

                               Town Clerk

                                       Town Treasurer

Community Based Organizations                              School Based Organizations

Town Fair Committee                                                                         Lamprey River Elementary School PTO

4th of July Committee                                                                       Iber Holmes Gove Middle School Parent Core Group

Friends of Recreation                                                                        Raymond High School Parent Support Organization

Friends of the Library

Raymond Community Television

Lamprey River Advisory Committee

To learn more about a Board or Committee click on its title

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