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About Raymond

All Roads Lead to Raymond!

Raymond, a vibrant New Hampshire community steeped in New England tradition and convenient to all of the amenities that life in the northeast has to offer, is awaiting your arrival.  Whether you area  visitor to the region, a business owner looking for a place to locate, or someone who is considering making Raymond your new home, we welcome you!  Raymond has an excellent school system, a strong tradition of competitive sports, quality family restaurants, lakes for swimming, boarding and fishing, camping facilities, and the excitement of nearby Pawtuckaway State Park.  We are proud of our town's quality of life, its heritage and its abundant natural resources.

Talk About a Great Place for a Business!


All Roads Lead to Raymond...

Raymond is located at the confluence of five New Hampshire highways, including NH State Route 101, which has two exit/entrance ramps directly into town.  This major transportation corridor connects Raymond to the rest of New England and Canada, with fast and easy access to Interstates 95, 93, and 89, all within a 20 mile radius of town.


Raymond is a great place to do business.  It has a professional development staff and a Planning Board that strives to act efficiently and responsibly upon each development proposal it receives.  Raymond’s location, quality of life and pro-business environment make it an excellent choice to consider for any enterprise.


Family Friendly

Best of all, Raymond, New Hampshire is a great place to raise a family. Its outstanding schools, friendly neighborhoods, and low tax burden inspire people from all over to settle here. Peace of mind, connections to nature, good people, and a great location make Raymond an excellent place to be.

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