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Planning Board

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5 Alternate positions Open

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Planning Technician

(603) 895-7016


The Planning Board is established as authorized under RSA 673:1. The Planning Board, as enumerated in RSA 673:2,II, is composed of 6 elected members.  One Selectman serves as an ex-officio member.  RSA 673:6 notes that up to 5 alternate members may be appointed by the Planning Board, as it is an elected board. The alternates shall assume a seat on the Board in the absence of, or whenever a regular member disqualifies him/herself from a hearing. The alternate member, to sit for a hearing, is designated by the chairperson of the Planning Board.

The Planning Board's responsibility is to "prepare and amend the master plan to guide the development of the community," to "make any investigations, maps and reports, and recommendations which relate to the planning and development of the community." To recommend capital improvements regarding structures and programs and to recommend their financing. "To recommend . . . amendments" to the zoning ordinance or map, and to promote municipal planning within the community.
The Planning Board reviews, and either approves or disapproves, subdivision applications, and is responsible for site plan review for the development, change, or expansion of use of tracts of land for nonresidential or multi-family dwelling units.  The Planning Board meets the first (1st) and third (3rd) week of the month on Thursday evenings.  Public hearings are scheduled for the first and third weeks of the month, while work sessions are scheduled for the second week of the month as needed.

Water Planning Committee

The Water Planning Committee is made up of 7 appointed members and 2 alternates appointed.

This committee was formed in 2022 to investigate all aspects of Raymond water resources as it relates to planning which includes promoting the public health, safety, convenience, and welfare of the residents.  The committee will adhere to all regulations and laws.  The committee will report to the Planning Board at regular meetings and add its findings to the public record.  The BOS has further authorized the WPC to comment, on behalf of the municipality, on pending permit applications before the state, to coordinate efforts regarding our current NH DES timelines regarding our public water system deficiencies, and make recommendations to the BOS on how to proceed with improvements.

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