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Trust Funds


Section 31:19-a    31:19-a Trust Funds Created by Towns. – 


I. A town may at any annual or special meeting grant and vote such sums of money as it deems necessary to create trust funds for the maintenance and operation of the town; and any other public purpose that is not foreign to the town's institution or incompatible with the objects of its organization. The town may appoint agents to expend any funds in the trust for the purposes of the trust. An annual accounting and report of the activities of the trust shall be presented to the selectmen and published in the annual report. 


II. Trust funds created pursuant to this section shall be revocable by majority vote of the legal voters present and voting at any annual meeting, unless the vote creating the trust expressly provides that the trust shall be irrevocable, and upon revocation the trustees of trust funds holding the account for said trust shall pay all the moneys in such fund to the town treasurer. 

III. Notwithstanding any other provision of this chapter, any trust fund created under this section shall be subject to the same provisions concerning custody, investment, expenditure, change of purpose, and audit as are reserve funds established under RSA 34:1, 34:1-a, 35:1 or 35:1-c. The legal validity of such a fund properly established shall not be affected by its designation as a "trust,'' "reserve,'' "capital reserve,'' or any other designation. 

IV. The local legislative body may authorize the acceptance of privately donated gifts, legacies, and devises to be utilized for the same purposes as a trust fund created under this section; provided, however, that such gifts, legacies, or devises shall be invested and accounted for separately from, and not commingled with, amounts appropriated under paragraph I, and shall be subject to the custody and investment provisions applicable to trust funds accepted under RSA 31:19. 


V. A trust fund created under the provisions of this section that is established for the purpose of maintaining health insurance funds for the benefit of employees and retired employees of any town shall be exempt from the provisions of RSA 35:8 or 34:4, and, when so established, the town may name its own trustees who may expend any funds in the trust for the payment of health claims or health insurance premiums for the benefit of any employees or retired employees of the town. An annual accounting and report of the activities of the trust shall be presented to the selectmen and published in the annual report. Source. 1983, 264:2. 1991, 231:1. 1993, 176:1, 2. 1995, 20:2, 3, eff. June 11, 1995. 1998, 44:1, eff. July 4, 1998.


Section 31:22    31:22 Trustees. – All such trusts shall be administered by a board of 3 trustees, unless a town at an annual or special town meeting votes that such trusts shall be administered by a board of 5 trustees. In towns with a board of 3 trustees, one trustee shall be elected by a ballot at each annual town meeting for a term of 3 years. In towns with a board of 5 trustees the 2 additional trustees shall be appointed initially by the selectmen, one for one year and one for 2 years. Thereafter all trustees shall be elected by ballot at the annual town meeting to replace those whose terms expire. The term of each trustee shall be 3 years. Vacancies shall be filled by the selectmen for the remainder of the term. In cities said trustees shall be chosen and hold their office for such term as shall be provided for by city ordinance. Trustees shall organize by electing one of their number bookkeeper, who shall keep the records and books for the trustees, and shall require a voucher before making any disbursement of funds from said trusts. Source. 1915, 162:2. PL 42:21. RL 51:22. 1943, 70:1. 1945, 68:1. 1953, 21:1. RSA 31:22. 1979, 141:1, eff. June 5, 1979.


Power of trustees: Authority to administer town trust funds is vested solely in the trustees and income there from cannot be turned over to the selectmen for purposes contrary to the judgment of the trustees.


The trustees shall formally adopt an investment policy for all investments made by them or by their agents for any trust funds in their custody. Such investment policy shall be reviewed and confirmed at least annually.

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For those who would like more information regarding the Trustees of the Trust Funds please visit


Annually the Trustees submit a report called an MS-9 to the NH Department of Justice. This includes all Capital Reserve Funds and Trust funds held by the town and school district. 

For a full list of documents please click on the link above titled Trustees Documents

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