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Highway Committee

Board Members

Highway About


The Highway Safety Committee is established to review traffic and highway related issues and make recommendations to the Board of Selectmen, Planning Board, School Board and/or residents.


The Highway Safety Committee meets on an as needed basis depending upon issues or concerns that may arise. Solutions such as improved signage, pavement markings, directed police patrols, etc. are frequently within the power of the individual administrative staff members who sit on the Committee. Some initiatives recommended require approval of the Board of Selectmen, such as initiatives that require a new ordinance or formal ordinance change.


Committee meetings may include attendance by interested residents and/or Town Board, Committee, Commission, or Department members. Frequently, topics include concerns or requests from residents as well as observations made by Committee members and others.


The Highway Safety Committee follows all appropriate federal and State Department of Transportation guidelines when appropriate and applicable. 

Highway Safety Rules of Procedure

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