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“Public Service is a Public Trust”


The Raymond Ethics Committee is made up of 5 elected members, serving terms of 3 years.  The Ethics Committee is not set up to be the “prosecutors of wrong doing” nor are they to be the “Ethics Police”.  The Ethics Committee has two main objectives – to serve as quasi-judicial mediators between the general public and public servants and to train public servants with regards to the Raymond Code of Ethics.  Properly trained employees, volunteers and board members are essential to growth and stability of our community.


The Ethics Committee meets on the second Tuesday of each month at Raymond High School.  If a second meeting is needed they will meet on the fourth Tuesday at the same location.  Meetings generally start at 6:30 pm and are televised by Channel 22 – Raymond’s Public Access Channel.


Some of the major accomplishments of the committee are as follows:


  • Develop user friendly inquiry and complaint forms

  • Education of boards, volunteers and employees of the Town of Raymond

  • Developed a procedure to process inquires and complaints

  • Developed a fair and consistent procedure for pre-hearings and hearings


The Ethics Committee can be reached by email which is set up independent of the Town of Raymond to insure the minimization of conflict of interest.  The email address is  The committee’s telephone at the town office building is 603.895.7063.


The Ethics Committee is set up to handle all public inquires and/or complaints.  By definition, an inquiry is simply questions regarding a process or procedure that may possibly be in question.  A complaint is the formal “charging” of potential wrongdoing or conflict of interest.  Anyone filing a complaint must have exhausted all avenues of recourse prior to lodging a complaint with the Ethics Committee.


The meetings minutes are available at the town hall as prescribed by RSA 91-A.  The minutes will also be available on the Town of Raymond website at


The Ethics Committee welcomes public input to better serve your needs.

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