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Planning and Development Department


The Planning and Development Department consists of five overall functions: (1) To provide technical and staff support to the Planning Board, (2) To administer the Zoning Ordinance, along with building codes and other health/safety issues, (3) To provide technical and staff support to the Zoning Board of Adjustment, (4) To work with the Town Manager, the Raymond Business and Economic Development Council and others within and outside of town government to support ongoing economic development activities and to respond to economic development opportunities as needed, and (5) To coordinate with the Town Assessor to ensure accurate property records and assessed value changes.

Pre-Application Review

Conceptual Review:  Applicants have the ability to appear before the Planning Board to discuss projects prior to a formal application being submitted.  This discussion is a chance to run ideas past the Planning Board.  Under this process discussion is considered non-binding in nature.  In other words, if a Planning Board member stated that he/she did not like an aspect of an idea or proposal under this process, it would not disqualify them from hearing a formal application, if and when one came forward.


Design Review or Pre-Application Review:  Once an applicant has identified a particular lot, he/she may still request a review under this statute, however it will be either a Design Review or a Pre-application Review, both of which are still non-binding discussions, but for which abutter notification is required.  These more informal meetings give abutters, the Planning Board and the applicant an opportunity to discuss the project, identify potential issues and discuss other aspects of a project without binding the any of the parties to any future actions. These meetings are a great way to walk away with a better understanding of everyone's' concerns.

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