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Raymond Coalition for Youth



We're not just sports you know!

We offer a wide variety of activities on a year round basis.

The Recreation Department is your one stop shopping place for information on all kinds of recreation, leisure and community events. While we may not be "in charge" of a particular activity, chances are we probably know about it. We see ourselves as supporting the efforts of all kinds of community groups and volunteers. We then fill in the spaces with additional programming designed to keep you and your kids busy all year long. Take a cruise through our web page and see just what we're all about.

Recreation and Community Services

The Mission of the Recreation and Community Services Division is to offer quality recreation and leisure programs for the residents of Raymond as well as acting as a clearinghouse of community services and information for residents.

Areas of responsibility include but are not limited to:

  • Developing and implementing recreation programs and events
  • Administrative and technical support for youth and community service, non-profit organizations
  • Community liaison with boards and committees in public relations and providing of information to residents
  • Collaboration with a broad range of community sponsored boards and committees organized to improve Raymond
  • Facilitation of other town departments' public relations and public communication needs
  • Supporting role in community access television to improve public awareness of community issues
  • Maintenance and update of the "official" town web page
  • Production and publishing of "On the Common"
  • Production of the annual Town Report
  • Production and publication of the Voters Guide
  • Production Assistance for all Town publications and mass mailings
  • Grant writing assistance technical or otherwise for all grants submitted by the town
  • Scheduling of all school facilities beyond the normal school day

Sponsors needed!
Every year our programs seem to become more popular!  Over the past decade we have received a grant from Rockingham County or most recently DCYF to help with sponsorships and transportation costs.  This grant is no longer available.  We have a number of children and families applying for financial assistance and very limited funds to help them.
How can you help?  Thanks for asking!  It’s simple a check for any amount will be put into and account to help families in need.  Thanks for any assistance, the kids really appreciate it!


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