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Cemetery Advisory Committee

Board Members


The Raymond Board of Selectmen have authorized the creation of a "Cemetery Advisory Committee Advisory Committee" made up of residents a member of the Board of Selectmen, the Planning Board and the Historic District Commission. 

The committee will work to research and provide information to the Department of Public Works Director, the Town Manager, and the Selectmen on ways to improve cemeteries

You can contact the Committee at


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Town Cemeteries

Flowers, lights, shepherd’s hooks, flags and all other adornments shall be placed and kept within 1-foot of the headstone. Where there is no headstone or where the headstone is flush with the ground surface, all adornments shall be placed in line with abutting headstones.   This will allow for efficient maintenance of the cemeteries and will provide for a better appearance overall.

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

For a full list of the Town’s policies regarding the cemeteries please see Cemetery Regulations  

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