Building & Health Division

Gregory S. Arvanitis

 Building Inspector/Code Enforcement/Health Officer

Phone:  603.895.7020

Jackson R. Crosby

 Deputy Health Officer

Phone:  603.895.3321

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Office Hours are Monday - Thursday

8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.


Emergency Public Health Regulation 2020-01

Regarding Campgrounds - CLICK HERE

Below are various permit application forms and other pertinent documents

to assist you in the permitting and inspection process:


1.  Requirements for Major Building Permits

      a. Major Building Permit Application

           Fillable Form

2.  Minor Building Permit Application

      Fillable Form

3.  Electrical Permit Application

      Fillable Form

3A. Affidavit for non Licence Plumbing or Electrical (Fillable Form)

4.  Plumbing Permit Application

      Fillable Form

5.  Sign Permit Application

      Fillable Form

6.  Demolition Permit

      Fillable Form

7.  Driveway Permit

(These are to be submitted to the Department of Public Works)

8.  Gas/LP Permit Application (Issued by the Raymond Fire Department)

       Fillable Form

9. Septic Installation (Fillable Form)

10. Complaint Form (Fillable Form)

11. Street Opening Permit

Important Superfund Site Information

Groundwater Management Zone Ordinance & Map

Click Here for Permit Fees
Effective January 1, 2016