Raymond Rapid Response Economic Development Team



To provide advocacy, expertise and local insight to external business and industry looking to relocate, while acting as a resource to maximize existing business and industry retention.  This team will act under the purview of the Board of Selectmen.


The Economic Development Response Team has the authority to delegate certain tasks and responsibilities to smaller teams, not to exceed two, who may visit outside businesses for the purposes of advocating for and marketing the Town of Raymond.  Additionally, the same will be done for local businesses that may be considering a move from the Town of Raymond.


Reports will be generated by the Community Development Department Director generally describing such meetings, with any proprietary or sensitive information involving businesses to be excluded.  Quarterly and annual reports will be provided to the Board of Selectmen.


This Team may offer insight and advice only, with no authority to make any decisions that are within the purview of other elected or appointed boards, committees or commissions of the Town of Raymond, NH.

Response Team Members

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Rachel Marden


Normandeau Associates

Greg Sevinsky

General Manager, Walmart Distribution Center


George Vernet

Owner, Raymond Shopping Center


Brad Reed

Owner, I.C. Reed & Sons


Jack Barnes

 Board of Selectmen Representative

Scott Campbell

Board of Selectmen Representative


Joseph Ilsley

Town Manager

Community Development Director

Resource Directory


Laurel Bistany

Executive Director

Regional Economic Development Center


Mark Laliberte

Business Resource Specialist

NH Department of Resources & Economic Development