Raymond Recreation Summer Playground

The registration packets are listed below by grade.  Please make sure you download the correct packet. You can print out the forms and fill them out before you come to the office.  Registration begins Friday, May 27 at the Recreation Department.

Registration Packet - Entering Grades 1, 2 & 3

Registration Packet - Entering Grades  4, 5 & 6

Registration Packet - Entering Grades 7, 8 & 9



Employment Opportunities

Summer Playground Counselor


Thank you for your interest in applying for a 2022 Counselor at our Summer Playground Day Camp program.  To qualify for employment, you must be entering the 11th grade (junior year) or above in the fall of 2022 and be a positive member of the school & community.  We will offering interviews to previous CIT’s, and then open for other applicants.  We have enclosed all the necessary paperwork for you to apply.  We are planning to conduct interviews in March and April.


This year our program (not counting training days) will run from June 27th until August 12th.  The daily participation of staff members is very important to the operations of our Summer Playground program.  Before applying please be sure that you are able to make this time commitment.  It is our policy that aides may, with prior approval, be permitted to take days off (up to a maximum of one week) for special events they cannot rearrange.  This is only allowed with prior approval and if an adequate substitute can be found.  We may also have part-time positions available for those who cannot commit to the entire program.


You will also need two school recommendations.  The recommendation forms should be given to teachers, coaches, administrators, or any other school staff member that you are in direct contact with.  Please fill in your name on the cover sheet and ask them to send their completed form to Raymond Recreation.  They can put them in the Recreation Box in the main office or mail to Raymond Recreation, 4 Epping Street, Raymond, NH  03077.  Applications should be returned to Raymond Recreation by April 15, 2022.

Click here for an application packet.



To qualify, you must be entering the 10th grade or above in the fall and be a positive member of the school & community.  Anyone accepted into the program will need to volunteer at least 2 days a week during the summer. 


The process is very simple; all you need to do is fill out the CIT application and then give the student evaluation form to a teacher, coach, administrator or any other staff member you are in direct contact with.  After the form is completed have them mail it to Raymond Recreation, 4 Epping Street, Raymond, NH 03077 or drop it off at Raymond Recreation.  Return your application to the Recreation Office.  We do have a limited number of positions available; please return your completed application by Friday, April 22, 2022.


There is a $50 fee for this program.  Please turn in this fee with your completed application.


We are planning to hold interviews for CIT positions the week of May 2nd.

Click here for an application packet.