January 4, 2018 Snow Storm

Message from Raymond Emergency Management

Town officials are monitoring the cold weather and impending storm over the next several days.  At this point, we’ve experienced several calls from residents with frozen pipes, no other issues reported.  Based on current forecast, accumulations do not appear to be out of the ordinary for typical winter storms.  However, what is out of the ordinary are the extreme sub-zero temperatures forecast for the weekend.  Additionally, the forecast calls for extended periods of time with heavy winds between 15-25 mph.


Several things we ask residents to do:


•    Ensure your home heating system has an adequate supply of fuel. If you are running low, contact your fuel

      source immediately.

•     Keep an eye on your pipes and take the necessary steps to avoid them freezing.

•    Talk to your neighbors before the storm and continue to monitor neighbors, friends, and relatives that may

      be susceptible to the cold weather and/or power related issues, should they occur.

•    Keep all cell phones and flashlights charged and available.


If wide-spread and extended power outages occur creating a risk to our residents, town officials will determine the need to open an emergency shelter.  Should an emergency shelter be found necessary, the emergency shelters will not be able to accommodate pets.


According to State officials, no fuel shortages exist, rather the difficulty in distributing the fuel due to the high demands.  While the town is aware of the fuel distribution issues customers may be facing, the town does not have any means to procure or distribute fuel to its residents. 


For additional information, please refer to the town of Raymond Website.  For up to the date information regarding the opening of an emergency shelter call Raymond Dispatch at 895-4747.  Please remember to report power outages to your electric provider.  As always, to report an emergency dial 911.