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Updated Friday April 15, 2015 Arrest Log:


Date:          Updated February 28th, 2015
Time:          19:00 hrs.
From:          David Salois, Chief
RE:             " IRS " Phone Scam
Over the past several days we have received numerous calls from residents on the recent surge in the “IRS” phone scam telephone calls.  This scam has actually been around for quite some time and has proven effective for some thieves.  They call a number posing as an IRS agent demanding money for owed or delinquent taxes.  The suspects if met with resistance will become threatening and creative trying to convince their intended victims that they owe the IRS and will suffer arrest and or further penalties if they do not submit payment. 

Also throughout the state, this and similar scams have been "spoofing" the Police / Sheriff's office phone(s) number when they call and have also been using actual Law Enforcement officers names when they call. We are assuming they gain the information off of departmental web pages. See Fosters Daily article from Saturday.. and WMUR...

The suspects will attempt to lure the victim into giving out debit cards, credit cards, gift cards and / or debit card information. NEVER under any circumstances give your personal information to ANYONE over the phone unless you are 100% certain who they are and you initiated contact, ie: ordering flowers, calling in a prescription.
If ever in doubt, hang up and call us at the Police Department or the nearest IRS office.  The IRS will always contact you by mail first for delinquent taxes.
Date:         February 26th, 2015
Time:         14:00 hrs.
From:         David Salois
Re:             CODE Red Community Notification

Listen Here

Good afternoon we are calling today February 26th at 2 pm, this is Susan Frotton with the Raymond Police Department with an important message. This afternoon there was an accident involving a utility pole in the Harriman Hill Road area. As a result a main electric transmission line is currently down, however power is still operational right now. At some point in the near future electric power in that area will be cut off in order to complete the repair. This outage should be isolated to the North West quadrant of Raymond that would include Governors Lake area, Leisure Village, Long Hill Road, and Harriman Hill Road to Route 156 to the Deerfield / Nottingham town lines.

Crews are working diligently to repair this and restore all those that may be affected. If your power is not restored by the end of the day please contact Eversource formerly PSNH at 1-800-662-7764 or NH Electrical COOP 1-800-343-6432.

DATE: February 12, 2015
TIME: 1315
AUTHOR: Lt. M. Labell
REFERENCE: James Moore/Amanda Carey

On February 6, 2015 at about 7:55 PM Officer Dyrkacz responded to the area of Freetown Road for a motor vehicle complaint. It was reported that a dark colored Ford sedan had been swerving in the road and had struck a curb. While at a set of traffic lights on Freetown Road a male passenger exited the vehicle and started walking towards the complaintents vehicle. The male subject ultimately turned around and got back into the Ford sedan.

Officer Dyrkacz located the vehicle at the Raymond Shopping Plaza. The officer noticed a male and a female who were connected to the vehicle enter several different stores in the plaza to include Ben Franklin/Ace Hardware and Verizon Wireless.

As the vehicle drove away the officer observed several motor vehicle infractions. The vehicle did not initially stop upon request by the officer but once it did the occupants were identified as:

36 YOA

33 YOA

During the on scene investigation Moore supplied the officers with a fictitious name. After discovering his real name he was found to be wanted in several different NH jurisdictions for theft related offenses.

The officers were also advised that Carey had attempted to steal a tablet from Verizon Wireless while she was there.



Both subjects were released on PR Bail with a Candia Court date of April 6, 2015.

On February 11, 2015 at about 6:10 PM Corporal Pomeroy and Officer Taft responded to the  Ben Franklin/Ace Hardware in reference to a possible theft in progress. It was reported that a male subject was trying to return merchandise that he had purchased the day prior with a bad check.

The officers arrived on scene to find Amanda Carey seated in a vehicle in the parking lot and James Moore in the store attempting the return.

An on-scene investigation led to Moore's arrest. He was charged with:


Moore is currently held at the Rockingham County Jail on $10,000.00 CASH. He is scheduled for a Probable Cause Hearing at the Candia Court.

Message from Steve Brewer - Public Works Director - February 12th, 2015:

By our count, Town of Raymond have received more than 28 inches of snow thus far in February, after receiving more than 45 inches in January. Meteorologist are suggesting that more is on the way for Thursday and again on Saturday.  Where possible, the Town of Raymond Department of Public Works crews continue to work hard to push back the snow from the shoulders of the roads, cul de sacs and at intersections to make room for additional snowfall. 

The staff very much appreciates the community’s patience in dealing with the frequent plowing events and their assistance in dealing with this volume of snow.  The Department is doing the best it can with the available crews and equipment.

We are rapidly approaching a point where there is little room left to place the new snow.  As this occurs we request that you travel with higher degree of care as sight lines at driveways and at intersections are reduced or may be obstructed. Road widths are also reduced by encroaching snow banks.

We also ask that you use care when disposing of snow from your property.  Please do not push, plow, shovel or blow snow into the Town roadway.  Placement of snow in the road is a violation of the Town Code.

16:30 hrs. 1/26/2015:     CODE RED alert issued regarding storm Juno.  Click here to listen..

TO:                  ALL MEDIA OUTLETS
                        DAVID T. SALOIS, CHIEF OF POLICE
DATE:              JANUARY 26, 2015
Currently the National Weather Service is predicting 24 inches plus of snow starting Monday night just after the evening commute.  It is being predicted that we could have periods of extremely heavy snow (1-2 inches per hour) with blizzard conditions.  In accordance with section 283-30 of the Town’s Code, the Town of Raymond has declared a “Snow Emergency” Parking Ban from:
Monday (Jan. 26th) 11:00 pm
Further Notice

We ask that residents in the “Downtown” area utilize the town parking lot area behind the Longbranch Restaurant. 
The purpose of this ban is to assist our Public Works snow removal crews by clearing motor vehicles form the public right of ways (roads). Vehicles parked within the town right of way will be subject to removal and/or fines.
We further urge motorists to use caution if they do need to travel the roadways during the anticipated snowfall.
Based on forecasted snow depth, winter storm clean-up operations could last for several days after the snow event ends.     Please plan accordingly.
Town Code:
§ 283-30. Snow emergencies.

In the event of a predicted or on-going severe winter snowstorm requiring enhanced actions for maintaining snow plowing and/or removal as deemed necessary by the DPW Director, a snow emergency shall be called by the Chief of Police. The Chief of Police shall contact the news media, including local radio station(s), to notify the public that a ban exists and shall specify the start of the snow emergency and shall estimate when the same will be called off. It shall be unlawful for any person having custody and/or control of any vehicle to park or cause the same to be parked within the public right-of-way during a snow emergency. Vehicles interfering with snow plowing and removal operations shall be towed and stored at the owner's expense.


DATE:            OCTOBER 12, 2013
RE:                RAYMOND POLICE DEPARTMENT                    

As a result of the increasing incidents of impaired driving, the Raymond Police Department conducted a Sobriety Checkpoint last evening on Freetown Road.

As a result of this operation two people were arrested.

At 12:43AM Ofc. Hallock arrested Brendan Noury, 25, from Kingston, NH and charged him with Possession of Controlled / Narcotic Drugs.  He was bailed and is scheduled to appear in court at 10th Circuit-District Division-Candia on November 25th.







At 1:57AM Ofc. Stice arrested Andrew Riordan, 24, from Derry, NH and charged him with Possession of Controlled / Narcotic Drugs.  He was bailed and is also scheduled to appear in court at 10th Circuit-District Division-Candia on November 25th.







Chief David Salois and the Raymond Police Department take an aggressive stance to apprehend persons who are driving while impaired.  If you happen to observe an impaired driver you can report it to Raymond Police at 895-4747 or dial 9-1-1.


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