Fire Department

The following 645 calls we responded to in 2008:

Structure Fires      9

False Alarms     7

Gas/Propane Leaks   13

Chimney Fires    7

Mutual Aid     40

Electrical/Wires Down   22

Water Problem     8

Brush/Grass Fires/Smoke 18

Vehicle Fires     8

Appliance Fires     4

Smoke Reported   22

Jaws of Life    6

Vehicle Accidents   157

Water Rescue   0

Alarm Activations   73

Public Assists   10

Ambulance Assist   16

Carbon Monoxide   10

Lockouts   135

Miscellaneous 8

Severe Weather   72

Fire Department 

Inspections reported by Assistant Chief Paul Hammond are as follows:

Certificates of Occupancy       80    Place of Assembly              10           Furnace               24
Fire Alarms/Smoke Detector   10    Fireplace/Wood stove         41          Gas/oil tank          45
Foster/Day Care                      14    Sprinkler Systems              16           Blasting                  20

Fire Department 


Raymond Fire Department currently employs four full time firefighters,
Fire Chief Kevin Pratt, Assistant Chief Paul Hammond,
Captain Jason Grant, and Firefighter/EMT Nate Ducharme.

 Currently there is 37 call Firefighters and a Chaplain Neil White.

Current Raymond Fire Firefighters

Fire Chief Kevin Pratt
Assistant Chief Paul Hammond
Deputy Chief Micol Greenwood
Deputy Chief Wayne Larrabee
Deputy Chief Charles Perkins
Captain Jason Grant
Captain Gerry Gallant
Captain Warren Ducharme
Lieutenant Adam Brackett
Lieutenant Jack Powers
Firefighter Robert Allen
Firefighter Kyle Anderson
Firefighter Brain Arnold
Firefighter Peter Blais
Firefighter Scott Cole
Firefighter Brain Dion
Firefighter Brandon Doremus
Firefighter Nate Ducharme
Firefighter Joseph Dyrkacz
Firefighter Dan Elliott
Firefighter Jason Fisher
Firefighter Bill Hoitt
Firefighter James Howard
Firefighter Jason Larochelle
Firefighter Samantha Larrabee
Firefighter Charles MacInnis
Firefighter Tona McCarthy
Firefighter Robert McConn
Firefighter Peter Newcomb
Firefighter Richard Nunziato
Firefighter Ryan Paquette
Firefighter Stephen Pearson
Firefighter Mark Penny
Firefighter Krystie Perkins
Firefighter Crystal Pratt
Firefighter Kerry Pratt
Firefighter David Rugoletti
Firefighter Allen Smith
Firefighter Rick Toscano
Firefighter Bruce Welch
Chaplain Neil White
Firefighter Kevin Wunderly


Past Firefighters

Abelli, Richard R.
Abelli, Richard C.
Allen, Emile
Antoine, Richard
Archambault, Raymond
Arnold, Michael
Audette, Richard
Avery, Peter 
Baker, David
Barnes, Paul 
Barton, Steven
Batchelder, F.
Bean, Arthur
Beaudette, Clarence
Begg, Donald
Belser, Daniel - Chief
Berry, Alan
Berry, Paul
Berube, Charles
Blaisdell, Greenleaf
Blake, Joseph - Chief
Blake, Sherburne
Bokum, Jeffrey
Brisse, Emile
Brown, Albert
Brown, Arthur - Chief
Brown, Cedric
Brown, Frank
Brown, Herbert
Brown, Howard
Brown, Ralph
Brusso, Triffley
Burke, Andrew
Burnett, John
Burnham, John
Cady, Aaron
Cammett, Gordon
Carson, E.
Chase, Burgess - Chief
Chatterton, James
Clement, Austin
Clement, Clarence
Clement, James
Clements, Norman
Clock, Herman Sr.
Clock, Herman Jr.
Cole, Norman
Connors, Clinton
Cote, Alcide
Cote, Alex
Cote, Ernest
Cowan, Everett
Cram, Edward
Cram, John
Davis, Clark
Davis, George
Davis, Richard
Dewan, Charles
Dickinson, Laurence
Dickinson, Robert
DiMambro, Lisa
Dockham, James
Dodge, Sumner
Donovan, M.
Downing, Archibald
Downing, Russell
Drumm, Theodore
Dudley, Edward
Dudley, Rogers
Eaton, Scott
Edgerly, Charles
Edwards, George
Edwards, Paul
Emerson, George
Erwin, William
Farrivin, Albert
Fellows, Everett
Fellows, George
Fellows, John
Fellows, Octave - Chief
Fowler, J. E.
Fox, Phillip A. - Chief
French, Willis
Fuller, Leon
Gamache, Louis
Garland, Herbert
Gatcomb, Leslie - Chief
Gendreau, Joseph
George, Perly
Glasson, Harold
Glidden, Boyden
Golding, David
Goldthwaite, Stephen
Gordon, Andrew
Gordon, David
Gould, Gordon - Chief
Gould, Robert
Gove, Edwin
Gove, Frank
Gove, George
Grace, William
Gray, John
Guptill, George
Guptill, Dr. George
Hall, David
Hammond, Kevin
Hammond, Russell
Hartford, Herbert
Harvey, Albert
Hawkes, Russell
Hill, William
Hoitt, Robert
Holland, Richard
Holmes, Lewis - Chief
Hotchkiss, Robert
Hurd, Palmer
Hyre, Gary
Jackson, Arnold
Johnson, John
Kahut, John
Kendall, Mason
Kendall, William
Keuenhoff, Joseph
Kimball, George
Kimball, Roland
Kirkland, David
Knowlton, Harry
Ladd, Harris
Langford, Frank
Langford, Theodore
Leeman, George
Lemay, Donald
Levesque, Romeo
Littlefield, John F.
Littlefield, John P.
Lyman, Fred
Lyman, Walter
McDonald, Alex
McDonald, Charles
McDonald, Hugh
Maltais, David
Mandigo, John

Martel, Laurent
Mataragas, William
Matte, Stephen
Maynard, Eugene - Chief
McCarthy, Michael
McClure, George
McDonald, Michael
McGrath, Stephen
McKinley, Ryan
McLaughlin, James
McLaughlin, Richard
Merrill, William
Moore, Richard
Morrill, J.
Morrison, Harry
Moulton, Charles
Moulton, Edward
Mulholland, Keith
Munroe, Mark
Nash, Raymond III
Neal, James
Newton, Chandler
Northrup, Curtis
Nowell, Roscoe
Nunziato, Richard
Olivier, Daniel
Orfield, Karl
Page, Byron
Page, Forrest - Chief
Page, Perry
Panit, Robert
Paradis, Robert
Paradis, Roger
Payne, Scott
Perkins, Charles D.
Perkins, Charles R.
Piper, Clyde
Pitkin, Harlan
Plant, Henry
Plante, George
Poole, Michael
Poore, E. S.
Porter, William
Pratt, Samuel
Pratt, Samuel Jr.
Prescott, John
Proctor, Royal
Proulx, Charles
Purington, Andrew
Purington, Bruce
Purinton, George
Purinton, Walter
Quintal, Emile
Quintal, Maurice
Quintal, Rudolph
Ray, Donald
Raymond, Ellery
Reed, Hugh
Reed, Ivan Sr.
Richards, Robert
Robbins, Clarence
Roberts, Albert
Roberts, George
Roberts, J. W.
Roberts, John
Roberts, Will
Robinson, Burgess A.
Robinson, Burgess
Robinson, Martin
Rock, Michael
Rollins, Arthur
Rollins, Jason
Rollins, Russell
Roux, Barry
Russell, Thomas
Ryan, Darren
Ryan, Vance
Sacket, Dale
Sahlin, Frederick Sr.
Sahlin, Frederick Jr.
Sanborn, Ralph
Sanderson, Carroll
Sawyer, George
Schaff, Fred
Simoneau, George
Sinclair, Harry
Sinclair, Walter
Slewinski, Ralf
Small, Asbury
Smith, Donald
Smith, Edward
Smith, Ernest
Smith, Raymond
Smith, Richard
Smith, Robert
Soucie, Scott
Stevens, John
Stewart, Douglas
Stilkey, Todd
Strandell, Earl
Suess, Stephen
Talbot, Philip, Jr.
Tenney, Donald
Thompson, Edward
Thorsell, Brian
Thurston, George
Tilton, Ben
Tilton, Donald
Tilton, Harry
Tilton, John
Titcomb, Harry
Titcomb, Warren
Titcomb, Warren, Jr.
Travers, Fred
True, David
Turner, Richard
Vezina, Omar
Vining, Fred
Waugh, John
Welch, Ai
Welch, Frank
Welch, Frederick
Welch, Neal - deceased
Welch, Neil
Welch, Paul
Welch, Wayne
White, Harry
White, Walter
Whittier, D. W.
Whittier, Harry
Whittier, Hollis
Whittier, Horace
Whittier, Hugh
Wilbur, Earl
Williams, Michael
Woods, Kevin
Young, Randall


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