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The Budget Committee, as established under RSA 32:1, consists of 7 at large members and 2 ex officio members, one each from the School Board and Board of Selectmen. At large members serve 3 year terms of office and are elected at Town Meeting.

The responsibility of the Budget Committee is "to assist voters in the prudent appropriation of public funds" for the town and school district operations. More specifically, "to provide a committee with special knowledge to oversee and analyze the expenditures of the various town departments and districts. In this manner the electorate, which would ordinarily be without detailed knowledge necessary to vote intelligently on certain budgetary problems, might be given sufficient information to determine the annual amounts necessary to properly manage town affairs."

The Budget Committee meets with the respective political subdivision and reviews the recommendations for the upcoming year. Several work sessions are held between the Committee and department heads or school administration in order to establish priorities and program goals.

Public hearings are held to accept the public's input on the various portions of the budget. The Committee then reviews the input from the public hearing and makes final recommendations which are then submitted to the Board of Selectmen or School Board. These recommendations are then presented at the Town or School District Meeting for approval by the citizens of the community.

The Budget Committee is searching for two members to fill vacant seats.  Appointments will be to terms that will end in March 2015, at which time the remaining length of the term will be placed up for election.  Interested parties should contact Community Development & Administrative Services Director Ernest Cartier Creveling at 895-4375 x117 or


BUDGET COMMITTEE (3-year terms) Term End Date
Sandy Lee Ellis March, 2016
Joshua Mann March 2017
Ed French March, 2016
Vacant seat March, 2015
Vacant seat March 2015
Jack S. Barnes, Jr., Board of Selectmen Representative  
 Colleen West-Coates, Board of Selectmen Alt. Reprensetative  
John Harmon, School Board Representative  
 Stephen Reardon, School Board Alt. Rep.  





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